Words Not To Say In Front Of My Kids

As a Mother of a daughter…I find this interesting. But as one of two daughters raised by a Single Father…I find this Outright Hilarious!!! As I read thus article…I laughed, smirked, and giggled til I was in tears and having a laugh attack. I really enjoyed this and I’m sure you will too. Enjoy. I know I did!

Dysfunctional Literacy

I tell my kids they can think anything they want, but there are some things they'd better not say. (image via wikimedia) I tell my kids they can think anything they want, but there are some things they’d better not say. (image via wikimedia)

I told my daughters this morning that they’d need to take a sack lunch to school tomorrow, and they laughed at me.  I wasn’t expecting them to laugh.

It took me a moment to realize why they thought sack lunch was funny.  When I was their age (around 35 years ago), sack lunch wasn’t funny.  I carried a sack lunch to school every day, and nobody laughed.  I think I even called it a sack lunch.  Everybody called it that.  But somewhere along the way, kids picked up on the word sack, and a new source of humor was created.

Now I can’t say sack in front of my daughters; I have to say “brown paper bag.”  If I had two sons, maybe it wouldn’t matter much.  But…

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The Worthless Black Woman

“The Worthless Black Woman”

Those four words are hard to swallow. In today’s society, The Black Woman is discarded. She is left unloved and unprotected. Today’s media pushes every other race to the forefront of the Black Woman. Men scream that we aren’t Loyal and that we have No Morals.

I wonder do they realize their hand in this situation? You have abandoned the Black Woman and have devalued her worth greatly. So much so that the Black Woman is doing all kinds of unsavory things just to get your attention; And my God imagine what she has to endure and sacrifice to keep it!

Black woman in this day and time are made to compete. Made to compete for status, financial security, Love and much more. And the Educated Black Woman is told to be a threat to the Black Man. We have been pit against each other for dominance. If the woman make more money than the Black Man, then he is viewed as Worthless, while if the man makes more and she depends on him, then she is a Gold Digger and Worthless by societies standards.

The Black Man and Woman needs to go under Reconstruction. I’m not talking about surgically; but emotionally, spiritually, physically and culturally. We are in danger of extinction. In more ways than one.
My prayer for us as a Black Race is that we as Black Men and Women can learn to Love, Value, Protect, Encourage, Motivate, Nurture, Educate, Enlighten, and Believe in each other.

Black Women, encourage our Black Men. Love them and make them feel like a Man should feel. Black Men, the image and self respect of and for the Black Woman is at an all time Low. She for so long has been abused; mentally, physically, and emotionally that it is known for the Black Woman to be so UnKept.

I am afraid for our future youth. I am afraid for my daughter. I am afraid that this world will tell her that she is worthless and that she will believe it.

I am that myth. That one in a million that they say does not exist. I am Black and I am Beautiful! I am worth just as much as a woman of another race for my people were Kings and Queens. I am Worth all this World has to Offer.

I am a Black Woman and I am Proud to be. I know my place in this World. And until I have a King, I will continue to do all that I can to combat the stereotype of “The Worthless Black Woman” I am a Queen and long my I Reign!