“To All My Facebook Friends” (2)

My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer

We could unplug ourselves
Off Facebook
And start writing
In journals.
We could write
Each other letters
And make frequent trips
To the post office.
It will take too much of our time,
Of course, but our correspondence
Will be longer
And the pleasure of conversing
Will be drawn out.
Anyway, a conversation
Via social media
Mediated by computer monitors
And profile photos
Isn’t really much of a
Conversation, is it?
Anyway, I want to see your
Handwriting, feel the strokes
Of your pen with my fingers,
And smell the ink and paper.
You don’t have to write and sound
Like Jane Austen, although that would
Be great, as well.
You can write like a cardiologist,
I wouldn’t mind.
There are nuances in our handwriting,
You know.
We could lie on roof tops
And gaze at the distant galaxies
And talk about our dreams.
We could…

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On Ferguson – The System Isn’t Broken, It Was Built This Way

The Belle Jar

I have an uncle who was a cop.

His kids, my cousins, were around my age and when we visited our family in Québec every summer I practically lived at their house. As soon as we got to my grandmother’s house, all rumpled and grumpy from our eight hour drive, I would start dialling my cousins’ number on her beige rotary phone. I spent the whole damn school year waiting for summer, and my time with my cousins, to come; we wrote each other letters all through the dreary winter, hatching plans for new summer exploits. Life with my cousins – swimming in their pool, family barbecues, playing hide-and-seek in my grandmother’s mammoth hedge at twilight – was lightyears better than my boring life in Ontario.

Pretty much every summer my uncle would, at some point, take us to visit the police station. He would pretend that we were criminals and…

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France’s simple solution to curbing helicopter parents makes life better for women

To say this article is True to the subject at hand, would be a grave understatement. America is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. And as such an American, I feel and believe we can learn a lot from each other, when I comes to making our country better as a whole, not just as a individual race, religion, or culture.

People once believed, that it takes a village to raise a child. And that is true in American society, where most of the children in public schools are a derivative of ‘Single Parent’ households of one or more children. And as such parent, there leave little to no time to have a personal life, be ye Mother or Father. Forget not about those children that have neither Mother or Father and are being raised by GrandParent/GrandParents or another relative of some sort.

So many people in this world are so set on being Independent of others, not related in a sense independence one gains financially; but as a sole or self sovereign entity, in which they only see, the issues that plague them and not the well function of society or America as a whole. Because whether you were born here or migrated and was sworn in here, you are an American now, so your problems are mine, as well as mine are yours.

Childcare in America, is sub par to say the least. It is greatly needed but can not be afforded in a single family income. There are single fathers and single mothers working at least 80 hours a week. That’s is 12 hour shifts 6 days a week with 4 hours of overtime, because in today’s society week can’t afford sleep. Sleep doesn’t send you a monthly bill due for payment so therefore we can’t afford to pay it any mind. And Responsible and Accountable Parents don’t phantom ‘Me Time’, because time itself, is worth more then money, so it goes to our children, that is if we have ‘Free Time’.

Sure I would love to Live a Life, worry,stress, and plunder free; that us just not how this world is. So you adapt, you adapt to your work environment, you adapt to your children’s busy schedules as well. Selflessness, can really be a downer, emotionally at times, only because, we don’t practice this virtue enough! Yes, you have a Life but you put it on standby to raise and support the Life you you so Blessed and Fortunate to birth into this world, therefore it is up to you to make this happen.

Now, do you see why a village is so important? Having a mind to think as an independent sovereign entity can have it’s advantages, the disadvantages can be more of a set back than you can afford. So learn to depend on your village, metaphorically speaking, build reliable and dependable bonds a relationships. Cause it takes a Village to raise a child.