Dear Future Husband, #1

I am a single woman and the mother of an ebony princess. I have been through more than most people I know or than anyone could imagine, but I know it could be worse and I am grateful. To my future husband, whomever you may be, I can’t promise you perfection and a life a breeze, but I promise from this day forth I


will give you all of me. I have decided to write you letters. To better, understand me. I am not so good verbally expressing my feelings or even saying how I feel. I have often been told that I am very sensitive, but I beg to differ, okay, they may be right, often masked by my tough exterior. I tend to over think when I am not sure where I stand or what I mean to people that mean the world to me. I am scarred, visibly, but my ugliest scars, are the ones that no one can see. I am always nursing them, mostly the ones you can’t see with the naked eye. I pray one day, that you, will help me, mend them completely. You are my Superman and I, your Louis Lane. You my strength, and I pray, that I,
along with our family, be your only kryptonite. Many Blessings, Prayers and God Speed. Know, that yes, I know I don’t know you, and so therefore, of course we have never met, I Love You dearly, already!

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