A Letter from One Mother to Another

The Rahma Diaries

Dear Irresponsible Migrant Mother,

What exactly were you thinking when you woke your children in the dead of the  night, picking up the baby still asleep?  Don’t you know how important it is for children to get enough sleep? They’ll be cranky during the day if they don’t sleep enough.  They won’t develop properly if you keep doing this.  Children need routine.  That baby you’re holding needs to be warm and comfortable, cocooned and safe, like a tiny bud, waiting to bloom in the morning. Those toddlers won’t be able to walk the miles you want them to in the black night in worn out shoes without a good night’s sleep.

What’s that? Speak up.  You had to travel at night? It was safer? It was quieter? There was less chance of being discovered? Less chance of being caught if it was dark and the threat that hung over you…

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Dear Future Husband, #4

I have been so busy, Kyrrah and her world is in constant rotation. She is a Majorette now, and with her being born a Lefty and in three days of two hour practice of twirling with her Right hand, she has developed an Ambidextrous talent and I am just over joyed at the Privilege I have of being her Mother. And my work life is blossoming so, I have worked hard and was blessed to get three consecutive raises in three consecutive months. Totaling a dollar raise in three months and have been of the production floor for almost six months. And no I haven’t been perfect either. My AHT *average handle time* has been through the roof forever, but I always put the customer first and they make it known. I mean some days I just wanna snatch them through the phone and then other days, they have me all like, You get a New Phone, You get an Upgrade, You get a 50% discount and so forth. Some days they have me in tears, not out of anger, but of the verbal appreciation that some express for the assistance that they have received from me, touches me so sometimes that I’m a blissful mess. I’m always on the go, no time to smell the roses, I do wonder though, at those rare moments I have that are thoughts of you, I wonder if at that very moment and second, are you thinking of me too.
                Good Night my Love,